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Martin L. Buchanan is the 2016 Libertarian candidate for Congress in Colorado's Seventh Congressional District. He is an Army veteran, writer, and computer expert. His 2007 book, To Save America: How to Prevent Our Coming Federal Bankruptcy, proposed a trillion dollars in annual federal spending cuts. He is campaigning on a platform of Peace, Balance, and Freedom. He opposed all of the Democratic and Republican bailouts of Wall Street and the big banks.

Martin has followed public policy for more than 50 years. He has written ballot initiatives, public policy papers, and one policy book. A libertarian since 1970, he is a life member of the Libertarian Party. He marched against the Vietnam War and the Iraq War. This is his third run for office as a Libertarian.

Peace. We can no longer afford endless and inconclusive wars that needlessly kill and wound our troops. We should stop meddling in the internal affairs of other countries and stop sending taxpayer dollars to corrupt regimes. Our core alliances, such as NATO, are a great benefit to the United States and should be continued. Our allies are themselves strong countries and can take the lead in areas, such as the Middle East, where they have more direct interests and concerns than we do.

Balance. The deficits, debt, and unfunded liabilities of the federal government are the greatest clear and present danger to our country. The Democrats and Republicans have destroyed our country's finances with their ridiculous spending programs. Martin will work for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution and to cut spending in every major area, including corporate welfare, entitlements, and military programs.

Freedom. Our fundamental desire for freedom and our defense of inalienable rights brought the United States into existence in the American Revolution. Living up to those values eventually ended slavery and recognized the rights of women. We now need to restore freedoms largely lost. End domestic surveillance by the National Security Agency and the annual intrusions into our privacy by a complicated income tax system. Realize that the drug war has not worked; legalizing marijuana nationwide will be a good first step. Reform policing so that citizens no longer fear those who protect us. End civil asset forfeiture, where the government now steals more from us each year than all the burglars combined.

No Bailouts! A real free market is a fundamental aspect of American liberty. Corporate bailouts that shift trillions of dollars in costs to taxpayers are the opposite policy. Libertarians opposed the Bear-Stearns bailout, opposed the Fannie and Freddie bailout, opposed the AIG bailout, and opposed the TARP bailout of big banks and Wall Street. Those who participate in markets need to learn the hard lessons that free markets include real risks, that if you make bad investments you will lose your investments, that counterparty and derivative risks are very real, and that if you fail the taxpayers will not bail you out. It is better to accept the short-term pain that comes with facing financial reality, rather than to permanently corrupt and debase a once free economy.

Don't Waste Your Vote. For decades we have been governed by Democrats and Republicans. Both of those parties have created unsustainable debt, endless wars, failed government services, and major infringements on our liberties. Now they offer us Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as their best and brightest. Please don't waste your vote any longer on Democrats and Republicans. It is time to vote Libertarian.

Congressman Ed Perlmutter. Ed is a nice fellow who supports all the major big government programs that his party supports. Ed voted for the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street and big banks in 2008. Ed voted for ObamaCare, which forces you to buy inferior health insurance for an excessive price, continuing the trend of government making health care less affordable. Ed has never worked for a balanced budget amendment or major spending cuts. If you want a positive change from Ed's direction, vote Libertarian!

Martin L. Buchanan To Save America: How to Prevent Our Coming Federal Bankruptcy


The full text of Martin's 2007 book is now available for free to readers: To Save America: How to Prevent Our Coming Federal Bankruptcy (PDF). (The email address given on page 158 is obsolete. Use the email address below.)

You can reach Martin at or via postal mail at:

1430 Nelson St. Apt. 106, Lakewood, CO 80215

We are not yet accepting donations for the campaign. We encourage you to financially support other libertarian campaigns and causes in this busy election year.

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